Happy New Year from Eric, Debbie, Caleb, and Trevi!

What a great year! We enjoyed another year in Austin, experienced adventures together in Central Texas, Dallas/Fort Worth, and East Texas where my brother and his family now live, and survived another “end of the world.” (I guess I can finally get rid of the water bottles I have kept since Y2K).

Some family highlights to watch or read include:

Trevi enjoys 5th grade and still enjoys singing with her choir and her own.

Caleb enjoys middle school (7th grade), Ultimate Frisbee, and video games with his friends.

Caleb’s Miraculous Beginning (13 years ago)

Debbie enjoys exercising her gift of hospitality, mentoring young women, and posting pictures on instagram (dreamerdebbie).

Choose Your Own Adventure?” by Debbie Bryant

I continue to enjoy serving at Gateway Church in Austin and enjoy writing and speaking on loving, serving, and influencing others.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy a fantastic new year!

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