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Mud and the Masterpiece coverJohn serves as the lead pastor of Gateway Church in Austin and is the author of the following books:

For more on his new book, John writes:

“In my new book, Mud and the MasterpieceI explore practical ways in which we can overcome Pharisee-like behavior to have Jesus-like impact on those around us. After studying every one of Jesus’ encounters to see what differentiated Jesus from the religious Pharisees, I’ve come to the conclusion that we won’t see the culture becoming followers of Jesus unless we first align our attitudes with those of Jesus. People can sense what’s in our hearts toward them—and that makes the biggest difference. That’s what Mud and the Masterpiece is about. First aligning our heart attitudes with those of Jesus, then our actions together as His body—so that we see Life Giving Life. Come help us spark a movement of Life Giving Life everywhere!”

Here’s more from

“MUD AND THE MASTERPIECE: Seeing yourself and others through the eyes of Jesus–  What do you see when you look at the imperfect people around you? What do you see when you look in the mirror? Do you tend to notice faults, failures, and moral shortcomings most? Or do you see the potential that God said was worth dying for, the Masterpiece hidden beneath the mud of sin in every person?

In this book, John Burke shares powerful lessons gleaned from every encounter Jesus had, challenging us to consider whether our attitudes and actions resemble Jesus or the Pharisees as we encounter messy people. Burke helps ordinary Christ-followers prepare in attitude and action to become God’s Masterpiece, and restore the messy world around them—just like Jesus did.”


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  • markchowell

    This is a great interview, Eric! Thanks for posting. Cannot wait to dive in to Mud and the Masterpiece!


  • Justin Hiebert

    Challenging interview. Great to process how I may be in heart like Jesus, but not in action.

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