Morph: Love People

Morph: Love People is now here!

The final module of the four, has just been made available.

This material is a fantastic way to dive deep and was created by the Gateway Church team led by Rick Shurtz. Our small group was transformed by Morph: Love God!

Here is a description:

“We’re tired of plastic religiosity. We are not here to get a star on our charts or to impress the neighbors. We are after the real thing. If the real thing is genuinely available, we’ll drink deeply. If not, we’ll run for the hills. If you’re looking for a more soul-satisfying and influential relationship with God, and you’re willing to invest some time and energy, then MORPH may be exactly what you want.”

Here are the four modules:

Morph: Love God

Morph: Build Character

Morph: Love People

Morph: Be the Body

What has been your favorite small group material in the past?

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