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I am genuinely excited about two series both starting this Sunday! Start subscribing to both the Gateway Austin and Mosaic podcasts if you aren’t already or plan to watch either or both of them live online on Sunday. Here’s why I am so excited!GATEWAY AUSTINRefrigerator Rights helps us create the extended families we all need to become who we were created to be! See Mike Breen’s thoughts on this here.
From the Gateway Church website:


You know those kind of friends who just feel at home in your home – they can dig in your fridge without asking?

Sociologists say the most healthy, well-adjusted people have that kind of “extended family” of intimate friendships. God actually created us to live in that kind of community with other folks, but its not that easy, right?

So often our lifestyles, schedules, work and or even our past experiences can keep us from really living with and loving others well. We hope you’ll join us for the next series as we to take a look at how to open up your home, your heart and even your refrigerator and be just those kind of friends.

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In 1996 the principles Erwin McManus shared in the Character Matrix (overview and my transformation experience), literally changed my life. Now known as Uprising: A Revolution of the Soul, I am so excited to listen again and encourage others to apply these principles to invest in their character.

From the Uprising Small Group Kit website:

“It seems like anyone you talk to these days desires change. They wish they were stronger, had a different job, made better decisions, or were better at this thing or that thing. But they are bound by their fears, doubts and insecurities to make changes.

How do we have the strength of character to rise above the challenges that we face?

Erwin teaches how God calls us to be involved in building our character. This series is a journey and exploration of the human spirit that will allow you to become the person God intended for you to be. Erwin will challenge you to step out courageously and dynamically and activate the promises God has for you.”

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