Leaders at Risk by Shannon Compere

At Gateway Church in Austin our staff heard from Shannon Compere, the Cru National Director with the Campus Ministry and focuses on Leadership, Training, and Development for increasing the effectiveness of the 4000 staff all across the U.S.. She shared the following insights:

“No one sets out to fall as ministry leaders. Unfortunately, people make small bad decisions that grow bigger and bigger until they are finally caught. People don’t usually steal $1000s at first. It starts with $50 and then grows from there. This is true in every area that could derail us.

Leaders at Risk (profiles of leaders who have fallen):

  1. Nacissistic Star Who Rises – self-centered but successful; feel victimized when confronted
  2. Nacrissistic Star Who Doesn’t Rise – self-centered but not successful; often feel victimized if you confront their issues
  3. No Boundaries – unable or unwilling to say “no” to either themselves or others
  4. Floater – tend to isolate themselves organizationally; silently rebels
  5. Irresponsible – do not follow through on their work
  6. Authority Issues – do destructive things to those in authority

Red Flags:

  1. Explaining away minimal acceptable levels of performance in their non-gifted areas. (Not taking responsibility for normal tasks).
  2. Power imbalances in marriage or other significant relationships.
  3. Sense of ‘entitlement’ or specialness.
  4. High performer where character issues are overlooked.
  5. Lack of connectedness.
  6. No inner life.
  7. Life of speaker not congruent with message.
  8. Inordinate desire for power, leadership, or to be up-front.
  9. Manipulation.
  10. No track record of forgiveness and resolved conflict.
  11. They think they are in position because of their talents instead of God’s blessing.
  12. Territorial control issues. Like ‘mine’ is more important than the greater good.
  13. Theological imbalances.

Ask yourself: What are your red flags? Where do your red flags show up?

Dealing with My Red Flags:

Christ-centered leaders live in honest community. To be an authentic person is to acknowledge how things really are.

My next steps:

  1. Identify your character gap or red flags.
  2. What is one way to begin to address that area?
  3. Who knows you deeply?
  4. Where can you take your craziness, hurts, and issues?

Diagnostic Questions for Leaders:

  1. Where do you get life? Am I in a relationship?
  2. How do you deal with reality?
  3. How do you relate to failure?
  4. What role does control play in your life?
  5. Can you submit and rest?

Lessons from the Pain:

  1. Value growth
  2. Get to the core of who you are.
  3. Do NOT minimize your family of origin. Know your story.
  4. Recognize it does not all depend on me. Take time to reflect.
  5. Remember to be dependent on God.”
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