From Reaching to Making by Jim Putnam

Jim Putnam of Real Life Ministries in Idaho shared the following at Exponential 2013:

Blamed Christianity and the church for taking away from his life (father was a church planter). Things snuck into his house that brought shame and guilt. People in church didn’t emulate examples of Christ, and thought his parents were wackos. Moved into drugs an alcohol and in school became atheist. Lived for himself but became very depressed and his Dad kept loving him. After studying came to discovering Jesus but wanted to have NOTHING to do with the church.

85% of 18-24 year olds leave church never to return. 90% of Christians will die without sharing their faith.

When you look at the church it’s like inheriting a losing team. What is WINNING to the church? What should we be measuring it in? If you compare it to a sports team numbers don’t make a winning team.

Our Christians can’t answer basic bible questions, can’t share faith, but attend church. Somehow the churches in most places AREN’T his church anymore. Gates of Hell will not prevail against and his church WINS. Then what makes a church HIS church?

His church if under his authority. Too many people trying to please people than please Jesus. Trying to get wrong people to applaud you. Takes on HIS mission. Mission is not to make converts, church is to make disciples.

By spirit living in you, you become a lover of God and his spirit. Christians are to be known for our LOVE, because of Jesus working in us. Christians most LONELY people in the world. When he was an alcoholic, he noticed everyone else was fake. He loved going to AA cause you could actually get healed and confess the realness and falling down.

Disciple of Jesus is committed to the mission of Jesus. Become a fisher of men.

Are YOU a disciple-making pastor? Not on stage but in personal relationships.

Jesus greatest disciple maker ever and only had 12.

Bigger classroom is what every college professor would hate, and yet pastors seem to think bigger = better, why do we do that? = better, why do we do that?

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