Refrigerator Rights – A Relationally Hungry World

At Gateway Church in Austin, we concluded our series called “Refrigerator Rights.” John Burke spoke and the entire message can be seen or heard here:

To help us be His church, here is how we can each begin making a difference:

B – Begin Praying. God has you in your neighborhood, apartments, work, school for a reason. He cares about people you encounter every day. Write down a list of people you already interact with who don’t know God cares about them, and pray for them, and watch how spiritual doors open.

L – Listen. Jesus was asked 183 questions, answered 3. Asked 308. Jesus asked and listened. People just want to be heard. Too many Christians just talk. Find ways to ask questions, take interest, listen.

E – Eat.  Jesus ate with people, it’s amazing how relationship grows. Invite neighbors to eat.

S – Serve. If you pray, listen, eat, you’ll know how to serve them.

S – Story.  Tell your Story and God’s Story when the time is right.

I – Inspire. Invite them to our Inspire Service. We see people come to faith when 3 things happen:

  1. One Person demonstrates God’s love and grace.
  2. A ‘come as you are’ learning space for 6-18 months.
  3. A friendship with several Christians. This can happen in our network.

N – Network.  Our extended family, playing, serving, and a caring place to invite friends.  Serving our city together making a difference in pockets of injustice.

G – Group.  Smaller groups are where we connect to grow deep, to experience life and freedom in Christ and become life giving life to others- a BLESSING to others.

Check out the story of the Diehls, their 5 kids, and how the network simplifies their life and enables them to connect, grow, and serve with others:


The Diehls – Rollingwood Network from g8waypro on Vimeo.

  • Billie

    Wonderful to see you two tell your story about the natural progression and growth from your initial small group into the network! So like the early church in many ways, and just as beautiful! Love in action.

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