From Assimilating to Creating Community by John Burke

John Burke serves as the lead pastor of Gateway Church in Austin, founder of the Gateway Leaders Initiative, and author of the following books:

He shared the following thoughts at Exponential13:

“How do people go in 3-4 years from Lost to Leading?

The following process has helped church planters start churches and Christ-followers

Create Relational Momentum – 1. Build Relationships and 2. Create Community

Are we organizing wisely to help Christ-followers to develop relational momentum with those who are not yet following Christ?

Relationship killers:

  • Our attitudes. When we send Christ-followers out with the attitudes of the Pharisees, we do more damage than good! Only 14% of Christians share both the attitudes and action of Jesus.
  • Our language. We need to explain what we mean when we say it!

2. Serve Your Neighbors with Your Neighbors

Being on mission is the food Jesus talked about that we too often know nothing about. This is what we need!

3. Create a “Come As You Are” Learning Space

Jesus taught all (Pharisees AND tax collectors) at the Sermon on the Mount.

4. Help People Grow. 5. Equip Leaders. 6. Gather for Worship.

We need to intentionally equip people to follow Christ and reach others. We need to be intentional and relational and make it transferable.

Don’t think programs. Think process – from lost to leading.”

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