From Teaching to Modeling by Jo Saxton

josaxtonJo Sexton from 3DM spoke at Exponential13 on From Teaching to Modeling. She shared the following thoughts:

Jesus never taught as an information download. He had an accessible life and learn and imitate. You need more than information, you need a life transformed.

To model Christ, we must live a life worthy of imitation

As disciplers we need to live a life worth following!

We don’t need to be the perfect example – but rather a living example of what it means to be missional.

If we’re going to imitate Jesus we’ll live accessible lives.

Having the capacity and the calling to be disciples requires more than information. It requires a willingness to pay the price. Like the pains of childbirth, are we prepared to pay the price 2 make disciples?

Discipleship is parenting on a spiritual level as well as the physical

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