Created to Create by Erwin McManus

At Gateway Church in Austin, we had the opportunity to have my mentor and friend, Erwin McManus speak during the Voices series. It was such a great experience to have Erwin speak and Mariah McManus sing in our new community. Such a fun and surreal experience!

Here are some of the insights Erwin shared in his message:

To maximize our creativity: 1. Connect our soul with the Creator 2. Live with intention. 3. Love and be loved in community.

“Humans are the only species who choose to live outside of what we were intended to do and become. That’s why we struggle!”

“The world we create is a direct result of what is in our soul. We have creative responsibility.”

“God meets needs we don’t even know we have. We were created to live in community where we can love and be loved.”

“You are created with design and intention by a God of love! That’s why places like this are so important!”

“Human beings are designed by God to be a materializer of the future. We are entrusted by God to create a better future.”

Watch and/or listen to Erwin’s message here:

Erwin McManus -Voices | July 21, 2013 from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

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