An Interview with Jia Jiang

Check out an interview with Jia Jiang!

Jia Jiang shared his story with us at Gateway Church in Austin. We were inspired, challenged, and encouraged hearing about his journey which includes moving from China to the USA, finding faith, starting his family, starting a company, experiencing the pain of rejection, and then finding notoriety because of his 100 Days of Rejection Therapy.

Watch his message at Gateway Church here!

Jia has shared his story TEDxAustin, on the Jeff Probst Show, and many other places across the U.S..

From his website:

“After being rejected with an investment, Jia started a journey of 100 Days of Rejection, aiming to overcome the fear and pain of rejection. By doing so, he struck a chord with millions of viewers, discovered a beautiful side of society, and learned powerful business/life lessons, including entrepreneurship, communication, customer service and career advancement. It has become his passion to discover a world without the fear of rejections.”

Check out the interview here:

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