Explore God in Austin This September!

With over 300 churches involved and billboards all over town Explore God is creating quite a buzz around our city. From the Gateway Austin website:

Explore God is a citywide conversation in Austin. We want to create a place for you to ask questions, join in discussion and engage in community – all for the single purpose of exploring this whole God-thing together. We admit, it’s complicated and during this 6 week social experiment we will only be scratching the surface. But no matter where you come from, what your beliefs are, Explore God is an experience that will help you on your journey  through life as you search for meaning.

Explore God starts on September 8th 2013 at Gateway Church. We have two campuses in Austin; one in South Austin and one in Northwest Austin as well as an online campus. We would love it if you could join us on Sunday mornings during the Explore God series. There are several ways you can join the conversation.

Sunday Series
9/8 Does Life Have a Purpose?
9/15 Is There a God?
9/22 Why Does God Allow Pain & Suffering?
9/29 Is Christianity Too Narrow?
10/6 Is Jesus Really God?
10/13 Is the Bible Reliable?

Open Q&A
Every Monday following the Sunday Message we will host an open Q&A with John Burke. Anyone and everyone is welcome. Bring your questions and come on

Discussion Groups
There will be groups of people meeting together all over the city talking about this stuff. We will post a list when we have all the hosts nailed down. But in the meantime, if you’d like to be part of a discussion group and get to know some folks while processing your questions, fill out the form here, and we will help you find a group near you.

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