Not Like Me Book Review by Glen McGraw

Recently Glen McGraw wrote a really kind and encouraging review of my book, Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World.

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For some of what he wrote, see below:

“Recently while working a customer came looking for a particular book titled, Not Like Me, by Eric Michael Bryant. When we did not have it in stock he explained he was coming to purchase copies for others and recommended it to me. He was very passionate about it so I decided to give it a try. I was pleased with taking the time to read the book….

The book is divided into two distinctive parts. The first part addresses the fact that people are more important than issues. Bryant spends four chapters discussing this and each chapter is filled with wonderful and sometimes humorous illustrations. This could be referred to as the people first, opinions second section. Bryant repeatedly shows his love for his neighbors while trying to convince his reader to do the same in these chapters….

The second section is discussing how to love others instead of fighting over everything. Here Bryant teaches his readers how to look past divisive issues. He shows the church how to overlook stereotypes, or more importantly, how to look beyond the stereotype and see the person behind it. He talks about building relationships with those of other faiths and how to deal with others in this sex-crazed world.

…In this book, you find amazing effectiveness when he goes to his neighbors without objective except to develop friendships. You will learn how to approach people with a singular goal – to love them as Christ loved you.

I am glad I bought this book on the recommendation of a perfect stranger. I am recommending every person who reads this will purchase this book and take the time to read it. You can find it on Amazon here….”

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