Match: Art of Conflict by Hank Fortener

We enjoyed such a great weekend seeing some of our friends and Mosaic family in Los Angeles!

One of our highlights was being part of Mosaic in Hollywood on Sunday morning!

We saw old friends and met new ones. The service included Joby Harris and the drama team, the worship team, and Hank Fortener shared on “Match: Art Of Conflict.”

Here are some of the insights he shared:

The ability to navigate conflict is the most important skill you need in your relational world.

At the root of every conflict is ‘grumbling.’ It starts small but can become destructive.

We think our grumbling should change someone else’s behavior. Problem is we aren’t all powerful nor are we always right.

Grumbling + Person of Interest = awesome

Grumbling + other people + time – person of interest = nasty

Go to the person of interest or don’t ever talk about it again. Release them or go to that person. Don’t go sideways with your grumbling!

Grumbling is a cancer to our relationships. Others lose trust in us when we grumble because they wonder if we grumble about them when they aren’t around.

Philippians 2:14-16 – “Do everything without grumbling”

Don’t let grumbling bother you as a leader. Instead use it as echo location. They are doing it the wrong way, but it is good information you can use.

Don’t let the sun go down on your anger = don’t let time elapse on a problem.

Ephesians 4:29
Helpful or Unhelpful
Consider: is this statement helpful or unhelpful?
Try to avoid words like “always” and “never” and “you’re just like….”

It is to my glory to overlook an offense!

Doesn’t mean we avoid difficult conversations, but we consider our motives before moving forward.

Jesus came to rescue us and bring peace! Jesus is a great example of conflict resolution. God built a bridge to us to bring peace between us.

Build bridges as fast as you can.
Be the fastest bridge builder in your relationships!

There is no grumbling that threatens me!

Today, bring peace to one conflict

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