Unplugged – Austin City-Wide Worship

After years of serving with Gateway, we recently commissioned Ramy and the 1211 Band to continue their efforts throughout Austin and beyond.

[Check out this interview with Ramy about creating a community on mission].

A message from Ramy Antoun:

Hey Unplugged Family and Friends!
We pray this finds all of you well.  It has been such a joy worshiping with all of you on Wednesday nights at Unplugged… what powerful nights of song, story, wisdom, listening, prayer, and HEALING! We hope you’ve enjoyed your time with us and felt refreshed and encouraged as you drove home those nights and beyond!

As mentioned in the services,
Rev 1211 is a non-profit ministry. Wednesday nights, (once a month) we all come from different churches in Austin to worship together as ONE body side by side. This perfectly illustrates our main focus: to support churches and ministries in the greater Austin area by helping to establish bridges and connections, unifying all churches as one body of Christ!  You can check out more info on our site www.Rev1211.org.

We have filmed and recorded every service, and will be making them available in the late fall on our website for viewing/listening!

If you want to give to support the Rev1211 ministries (UNPLUGGED, JustLove, & LifeGroups) you can now do that on the www.Rev1211.org website.   This would NOT replace any tithe you are giving to your local church, but rather would be a love offering above and beyond to help support Rev 1211’s ministries.

All donations are tax deductible and if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email us atinfo@Rev1211.org or call 818.322.5122 and our team lead would be happy to help!

Love you all and see u soon!!!

-Rev1211 Ministries

PS. See you at our next Unplugged on Wednesday, September 4th, 7:30pm at Riverbend Cetre of the Arts!




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