Human Care: A Conversation in Austin

Join us for the Human Care in Austin on September 20-21!

From the Idea Camp website:

“This September we invite you to add your voice to this important conversation of caring for Orphaned & Vulnerable Children, Empowering Women, Organizational Health, and Leadership.

We want to engage in fresh, honest and transformative conversations with leading thinkers and practitioners on topics including how the people of the church care for the poor, the vulnerable, the other and self while unpacking how differences of gender, race, mental health, world view, and age influence our approach. Our desire is to live life as God’s loving expressions of grace and hope to our world through tangible acts of care for all of humanity. We need your voice, your experience, and your presence in this lifelong pursuit.”



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  • Glen McGraw

    Sounds like a wonderful opportunity! Sorry I will not be able to travel down there for that.

  • sheeri mitchell

    I am so sad to miss this! I will be at a friend’s wedding though – so I’m not complaining. If you attend, please blog about it, host “a talk” or somethin’! I am so eager to know about what will transpire!

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