Thoughts from Brandon Hatmaker (Idea Camp Human Care)

The Idea Camp event on Human Care offered great interactions with old friends, fun connections with new friends, and great insights. Brandon Hatmaker shared the following:

While serving as a pastor in a church, Brandon saw that the more we provided, the more was demanded.

Christians say they want to go deeper when they are really wanting to be spiritually nourished. They think what they need is to be served more, but what they really need is to lose their life serving to find their life.

Three questions to ask yourself:

1. Who am I leaving out? Determine who else can help you in this project. Investing in someone else as together you invest in the needs around us. The church should become the greatest testimony of what the Kingdom is.

2. Is our gospel too small? The Gospel saves, transforms, and renews!

3. Am I trying to fix the person I’m trying to serve or am I simply willing to serve? We need to show those we serve that they are valuable. We need to extend dignity to those we serve. When we are invited into someone’s suffering, we suffer with them.

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