Being > Doing by Leroy Barber

At The Idea Camp on Human Care, Leroy Barber from shared the following insights:

We need to stop doing and start being. We can’t keep up the pace of doing for those we care for. (example – As a dad with kids I cannot do enough to keep up. As they grow up, they just need my presence). Being means joining the community. Our presence is powerful!

6 lessons learned being in community rather than just doing things for others:

1.We are all part of the human race.
Celebrate are differences.

2. Every person has a gift.
Doesn’t matter where they live.
Poverty us not a disqualified if gifts
Celebrate diversity.

3. Truth in love.
Mirror to our blind spots.

4. Corrupt communication
Hinders humanity
Limits growth
Kills hope when those we are serving feel judged and inferior.

5. Good communication
Drips with kindness
Disciplined in negative conversation
Offers grace
Based on personal grace

6. Seeing
Freedom from distraction
Verbally acknowledging passion
Inviting them out into the open

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