Growing Spiritually

I have grown the most when I have applied the Scriptures to my life, when I have tried to help others grow, and when I have lost my life serving others.

Here are a few resources I have shared with some of our Gateway Life Group leaders:

1. Trusting God in the midst of suffering: Deepening Your Faith Through 1 Peter. Check out the following video messages:
2.  John Burke did a series through Colossians at
3. Check out for some great articles for leaders trying to make a difference.
4. Taking Next Steps based on the Gateway Church Inspire Services

Each week a few of our life groups will be debriefing the messages and the experiences from Sunday mornings. The next two series are very much about next steps in developing character and living in community.

Some of the questions we will ask each week include:
  • Ice breaker question (embarrassing moment, best concert, favorite movie, etc.)
  • What inspired you this past Sunday morning?
  • Did you have any conversations or meet anyone that encouraged you or you encouraged?
  • During the music, what did you sense God was communicating to you? to us?
  • From the message, what were some Scripture passages or insights shared that intrigued you, challenged you, helped you?
  • What are you going to do next? What are your next steps?
Then the group gets into threes or fours and answers the questions:
  • What do we need to pray to help each other pull off these next steps?
  • What are some ways we can pray for you, those you love, and those you are trying to serve (neighbors, co-workers, family, friends)?
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