Faith Activators – Interviewed by Mike O’Quin (part two)

My new friend Mike O’Quinn interviewed me recently.

From his website: “Mike serves as the U.S. Director for Mustard Seed International, an organization committed to creating dynamic and spiritually thriving environments that reach children with the Gospel and raise them up as leaders in unreached and impoverished areas of the developing world. He served as a change agent and social entrepreneur in Southeast Asia with his family for nearly 14 years and just moved back to Austin, Texas, where he has loved reconnecting with his home church, friends and Tex-Mex food.

Here’s how he described the interview:

“An interview with Eric Bryant, author of the book “Not Like Me,” which challenges the church to reach beyond its insulated subculture to love and influence a broken and diverse world.  I hope you enjoy and feel as inspired by the interview as I did!”

Listen at for part two here.


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