Live Like An Anthem by Robb Overholt

My good friend Robb Overholt spoke at Gateway Church in Austin at the McNeil Campus this past Sunday. He spoke on the theme: “Live Like An Anthem.” Robb is a professional speaker who speaks at corporate events.

He spoke of finding our groove. One of the rhythms we need to employ in our life is to risk like a love song. Love songs remind us  to live with our heart and head “all in,” but we need to live more like the love songs of intent rather than the love songs of lament. Here are some insights he shared:

“Life is short, but it’s the longest thing you’ll ever do on earth!”

“Greatness is never an accident. Great things always come from great intentionality.”

“Fear keeps us from taking risks, & it can’t protect us from how we feel when we don’t risk & have regrets.”

“The goal in life should not be to avoid tension. Instead we need to learn to navigate tension and put it in its proper balance.”

Watch the entire message here:

Live Like An Anthem from Gateway Church on Vimeo.

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