The Legion of Doom – Lessons from the Northwest

Being a Seahawks fan since 5th grade, I could not be more excited about the big win for Seattle last night! I am also a Cowboys fan, but they’ve got several rings. More than just choosing them because of their colors on a football pencil or for the Jim Zorn to Steve Largent combination, the Seahawks gained even more of my allegiance when we lived in Seattle from 1994-1998.

Seattle is a beautiful place with amazing people, but they have had a tough time with professional sports. The Mariners have always seemed to find a way to lose their best players just as they are getting good (i.e., Randy Johnson, Alex Rodriguez, and many others). The Sonics won a championship in 1979, but now they do not even exist after getting moved to Oklahoma. The SuperSonics became The Thunder.

The Seahawks got close to a championship with a trip to Super Bowl XL, but many have felt the refs played a more vital result in the loss than refs ever should (myself included).

Now, it has finally happened: Seattle has won a championship!

Some of my takeaways from the Seahawks and this win include the following:

Pete Carroll knows how to create dynasty! He did it at U.S.C., and he can do it again.

Apparently, the Seahawks front office and head coach have made 1005 transactions in the last four years in an effort to get the right people on the team. They look for highly talented guys who have a chip on their shoulder, and they know how to maximize the talent of their team. As a result, they have changed from a losing culture and made progress each of the last four years culminating in this big win.

Carroll players are not micro-managed but empowered. They feel the freedom to be themselves as long as the team is above all else. For example, some starters on defense play special teams.

Richard Sherman has a fascinating story, a strong work ethic, and is a marketing genius.

Russell Wilson has a fantastic story and work ethic. I love that he is the shortest quarterback to ever win the Super Bowl!

The 12th Man is for real! The noise absolutely messes up the other team, and the team feeds off of it. Plus, the Seahawks score at the 12 second mark in the first quarter and and at the 12 second mark in the third quarter!

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