8 Reasons Why I Cannot Wait to See The Movie Noah!

I have heard some rallying people of faith to see Noah and heard of others criticizing the film (even some who have not seen it).

Here’s why I cannot wait to see the film Noah:

1. If Hollywood wants to spend $150,000,000 on a story from the Scriptures, I am happy to support them for their efforts.

2. I am easily entertained and love action movies with a spiritual bent.

3. I do not expect people who do not claim to follow Jesus to make a film as if they did. (However, I have heard they went to great lengths to have input from people who trust the Scriptures).

4. IMAX!

5. I am curious to see what the very talented and creative filmmaker, Darren Aronofsky thinks of the Nephilim. The Noah narrative leaves out a great deal of details, so the filmmakers certainly have some room for artistic license.

6. The Gladiator is now Noah! Very interested to see Noah portrayed by Russell Crowe!

7. Ultimately, if all of the main elements of the story are included, the story of Noah affirms that there is a just God who rescues us and ultimately gives us hope in a rainbow. (By the way, the Hebrew word translated as “rainbow” is literally “war bow” which God points towards the heavens rather than towards humanity – a beautiful reminder of the Messiah who was willing to take on our punishment).

8. People are talking about the Bible. Check out this email I received from YouVersion:

NY Times “Noah” Ad Encourages Bible Reading

In a full-page ad in yesterday’s New York Times, the makers of the new epic film Noah recommend you read the biblical account of Noah’s story in the Bible App. We couldn’t agree more!


large image

With the abundance of Bible-related movies and television shows over the past year, Hollywood seems to be realizing something the YouVersion community already knows: all over the world, this generation is excited about engaging with the Bible.

The Noah movie, starring Russell Crowe, opens worldwide on Friday. But you don’t have to wait. You can read (or listen to) the original story right now in the Bible App—in about nine minutes.

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  • Eric Michael Bryant

    Well, there were moments I really enjoyed in the film Noah, but there were other parts I found disappointing.

    For a fascinating review by Dr. Brian Mattson that I found quite insightful, check out this post on what might have actually been going on in the mind of the filmmaker: http://drbrianmattson.com/journal/2014/3/31/sympathy-for-the-devil

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