Doctorate in Missional Effectiveness (San Diego 2019)


Are you looking to move your leadership to the next level? Are you hoping to catalyze a more effective effort in loving, serving, and influencing your city?

I would love for you to join us pursuing a Doctorate of Ministry in Missional Effectiveness (also known as the D.Min. in Global Leadership) with Bethel Seminary. Apply and join us in San Diego!

I am leading the cohort which includes courses and experiences based in San Diego with a couple in St. Paul/Minneapolis. We will have access to some of the Bethel faculty as well as friends of mine who have been effective practitioners in places like Austin, Los Angeles, Houston, Denver, the Pacific Northwest, the East Coast, and overseas.

My experience earning my doctorate was quite helpful for the following reasons:
  • An intentional time for learning. Our staff gave me the space to do the very things I didn’t seem to have time to do before the program began.
  • An immediate opportunity for application. Every project was something I was already needing to accomplish.
  • Each paper for each project became a chapter in my final dissertation (which I’m hoping will be published as one of my next books).
  • Masters degrees are about discovering what has been written. A doctorate moves you into writing for others to discover.

Also known as a D.Min. in Global Leadership, all courses are in San Diego or online.

Courses include the following:

  • Missional Ministry
  • Ministry Contextualization
  • Missional Innovation
  • Servant Leadership
  • Personal Well Being and Ministry Effectiveness


From the Bethel Seminary website:

“In the Doctor of Ministry in Missional Effectiveness, we help students become effective missional leaders. In a world that’s becoming increasingly diverse, skeptical of the church, and even post-Christian, pastors, church planters, parachurch leaders, and non-profit Christian leaders will need to develop and refine the leadership skills necessary to reach those without faith and raise up other leaders to partner with them in their missional efforts.”

Other options include:

 Masters of Arts in Ministry (with a certificate in Post-Christian Ministry available in Austin)

Masters of Arts in Transformational Leadership

Watch the interview about Pursuing Education for Ministry Effectiveness with Joseph Dworak and Dr. Justin Irving from Bethel Seminary:

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