An Interview with Ken Cochrum

Ken Cochrum serves with Cru as the Vice President for Digital Strategies (previously he was the V.P. for Student-Led Movements). Ken helped created Indigitous (indigenous plus digital) which is a movement passionate about connecting people to Jesus using digital strategies,  and he writes on spiritual and strategic leadership at

Ken’s newest book is called Close: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures.

From his website:

“Designed to be read on a two- or three-hour flight by busy executives and ministry leaders, “Close: Leading Well Across Distance and Cultures” flattens the steep learning curve required to be effective in 21st century global leadership

How do you effectively lead, motivate, inspire, and coach someone who lives in a different country, culture, or time zone? Cochrum address these questions in an easy-to-grasp paradigm of servanthood, distance leadership, and cross-cultural leadership based on 3 decades of leadership, 13 years of international living, and three years of research and personal interviews with more than 80 global leaders.”

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