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Today, on “Juneteenth” (6/19), America’s oldest holiday celebrating the end to slavery, my hope is to see people experience the freedom and life we were designed by God to experience!

A Fruitful Life will help you with the following:

    • Discovering your calling.
    • Making decisions using a grid for hearing God’s voice
    • Overcoming the most painful moments of life.
    • Making progress in areas where you are most tempted.
    • Experiencing renewal and bringing change to others.

It is time to re-calibrate and start afresh!

2,000 years ago, Jesus shared a path towards a fruitful life. If you are willing, you can become who you were created to be – transformed and transforming the lives of others. 

In this overview, you will discover the four essential skills to develop to become who you were created to be as derived from Jesus’ parable of the soils.

Today, download your free copy of the overview here:

A Fruitful Life: Becoming Who You Were Created to Be

As a Bonus: When you download the overview of A Fruitful Life today, you will be eligible for free bonus resources, a discount on the rest of the series (coming 7/16/14), and a chance to win the entire series for free!

Check out the last chapter in the overview on how to win the next four snippets in the series. 20 people will win!

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