A Fruitful Life Series And A Special Offer!

You can now download the entire series!

You can get all five snippets for $3.96 for a limited time.

The Snippet series is far more interactive than a paperback book and way more than an e-book. Check out the images, videos, bonus resources, and other discoverables.

The entire series can be found below:

A Fruitful Life (An Overview): Becoming Who You Were Created to Be (free)


Becoming Receptive ($.99) – What is God calling you to do?


Becoming Tenacious ($.99) – What trials have you faced?


Becoming Intentional ($.99) – What temptations distract you?


Becoming Proactive ($.99) – What sacrifices do you need to make?


Special thanks to my friends who have featured A Fruitful Life on their website with interviews and giveaways:

Michael Warden
Mike Foster
Vince Antonucci
Jenni Catron

Special thanks to Benjamin Sledge for his work on the graphics, Mattias Marasigan for editing the videos, Amber Andrade for her administrative genius, my Gateway family, my Mosaic family, and the Snippet team!


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  • max

    Eric I have waited for the release of these books! Well done .One problem my NZ Visa keeps on being declined? Are you set up for international Visa cards? Can you advise asap as i would like to get these titles? Thanks Max

    • Eric Michael Bryant

      So glad we got it sorted over email. Enjoy the series, Max!

      • max

        Greetings thanks for the dual effort ! Do you remember your first visit here to Christchurch with Erwin? We do! Got us started on the Strengths journey. Thanks Max

        • Eric Michael Bryant

          I absolutely do remember! Great to have stayed connected all these years!

  • Jennifer Stephens

    The parable of the soils is one of my favorite parables of Jesus. I have used this teaching many times while speaking to seekers. Cultivating our soil is very important if we desire to have a closer relationship with Jesus. Asking ourselves the tough questions such as …What is my purpose, what is keeping me from this purpose and what do I need to sacrifice is what cultivates us. Then growing so we are able to help others, we have to know who we are in Christ before we can help others discover Christ. May we all continue to grow and bear fruit. Thank you for a great read and a new inspiring way to interpret and apply the parable of the soils.

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