A Fruitful Life Giveaway Winners and A Special Thanks

Giveaway Winners

For those who downloaded the free overview when it released last month, the following won the entire series:

Crystal Z., Elden C., Ed C., Bruce W., Robin R., Vicky W., Max P., Carl F., Steve K., David C., Jim G., Kitty., David A., Roberta A., Danny D., Derek M., Corey R., Chalane C., Karen M., Kristi K., Trish P., DeDe G., Valerie K., and Katie J.

Bonus Offer

Download the entire series today for a chance to win more resources at a value of $75 (See A Fruitful Life – Bonus Offer for details).

Special Thanks

Special thanks to a few more of my friends who have featured A Fruitful Life on their website with interviews, giveaways, or a post:

Catalyst Conference

Renee Fisher 

Life Notes: The Cafe Blog




Bill’s Front Porch

 Karen Heppner

Special thanks to Benjamin Sledge for his work on the graphics, Mattias Marasigan for editing the videos, Amber Andrade for her administrative genius, my Gateway family, my Mosaic family, and the Snippet team!


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