Uncovering God’s Masterpiece in Ourselves and in Others (Fall Retreat)

From the Hill Country Institute website:

CONVERSATIONS ON FAITH:  Uncovering God’s Masterpiece in Ourselves and in Others


Come away to the beautiful piney woods of East Texas for a weekend of reflection, engagement, discovery and renewal.  With our guest speakers, Dr. Eric BryantDr. Darci Hill, and Dr. Susan Quiring, we’ll explore how to see ourselves and others as the masterpieces God made us to be.  Camp Allen is one of the most beautiful places in Texas with over 1000 acres of lush pine and hardwood forest near Navasota, Texas.  Topics will include:

* Engaging the people in our spheres with more “Christ-likeness” and less “Pharisee-likeness”
* Touching the longings of the human heart by using the beauty and power of story to convey Truth
* Recovering the lost art of conversation*Listening – the skill that communicates interest and honor
* Language—the God-given link between us.  How do we converse with the diverse people who cross our paths every day?

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