Every year on August 12th, the Richardsons have a pool party to remember the day that baby Josiah drowned in a swimming pool on that date in 1999.  Miraculously, Josiah recovered and is doing fine all these years later!  Now, August 12th marks miracle day. :)

Paul Richardson, my friend and Josiah’s father tells the story in his book A Certain Risk: Living Your Faith at the Edge and in the interview we had this past spring. LISTEN HERE!

I love how the Richardsons turn what was almost a tragedy into a day to remember.  Rather than avoiding swimming pools the rest of their lives (or their kids lives), they jump right back in!

For more on the story, go to Caleb’s Miraculous Beginning or listen to the story in a message I shared at Gateway Church Austin called “How Do We Know God Cares?”.

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