MTN – An Experience to Stretch Your Creativity

Some of our team from Gateway Austin are traveling to Southern California to be part of Mosaic’s life-transforming retreat MTN.

There will be hundreds of amazing people including leaders from other churches. There is still room to join us!

From the Mosaic website:

MTN is Mosaic Terra Nova, transformed.
New name, new location, new experience.

MTN is the culmination and the manifestation of your Artisan Soul at work. On a three day exploration, you will learn to bring your imagination to life and appreciate the workmanship of your craft. This weekend is designed as a space to reclaim your creative essence in community with others.

Since 2002, MTN (formerly Terra Nova), has been a playground for people who want to unleash their creative potential. Through powerful community, inspiring talks, and collaborative projects, this total immersion experience has awakened latent talents, spawn new businesses, sparked lifelong friendships, and most importantly helped shape thousands of participants into who they were created to be.


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