Gateway Leadership Session Two: Our Motivation

Session Two: Our Motivation gatewayleaderslogowith John Burke

Jesus commissions us to make disciples. To reach all nations requires we are willing to go when God calls us!

Isaiah saw God and was willing to go wherever He was sent because He is our prize!

Isaiah 6:8 “Here am I! Send me!”

All who follow Jesus are sent! The question isn’t whether or not we are sent but where we are sent!

“I am sending you!” – Jesus (John 20:21)

John 17:20-21 We are called to unity! Our love for each other and for those around us is our greatest apologetic!

We imagine retirement and so we plan for retirement. Unfortunately, we don’t imagine heaven. If we did then we would be motivated to live for the eternal in our day-to-day lives.

When we are aware of God’s love and consumed by God’s love, we are motivated to do whatever He has for us!

Stories of Samaa and Vicky’s near death experiences. We shouldn’t base your theology on near death experiences, but they can make clearer what is described in the Scriptures.

There is a great reward for living commissioned!

What are we holding onto? What is keeping us from being willing to let go of all that hinders us?

John 4:34-38 The harvest is ripe for us if we would just open our eyes!

We need each other to live out our mission! John met someone selling a guitar and discovered he was struggling with addiction and his wife is still suffering from the memories of sexual abuse. In the midst of that, their marriage is in a bad place. John pointed them to the current message series which wouldn’t be possible without the production team. He pointed them towards restore and support groups for victims of sexual abuse. These are led by Gateway volunteers. This couple can find Jesus and healing through us!

What you are doing is making a huge difference! The enemy will try to discourage you and divide us. Don’t give into the lies! Don’t give up! There will be a great reward for your efforts!

For now, we have a mission. Show others the way of Christ! Show others love and forgiveness!

We are created in God’s image! The earth is created in the image of heaven and reflects the glory of God. What we love here is just a glimpse of what we will have there! Heaven will be incredibly familiar yet incredibly beyond what we could imagine!

God gives us the opportunity to share His glory with the world around us!

John 12:24-26 Through death comes life! Let go of all that we hold onto and give all to Him!

Matthew 19:27-30 After the rich young ruler was unwilling to leave all to follow Jesus, Peter asked what those who have left everything will receive. Jesus promised we would reap eternal rewards right now and into the next life!

Every good gift comes from God! So why do we try to hold anything back from Him?

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