Gateway Leadership Session Four: Our Next Steps

gatewayleaderslogoSession Four – Our Next Steps with John Burke

You are leading Jesus’ church—His enterprise to rescue and restore humanity! Don’t give up, don’t give in, and don’t let anything get in your way. It will be worth it! It’s worth whatever sacrifices He might lead you to make, because He promises that the reward is very great. We have to see with His Eternal Perspective. We have to live and lead others with God’s heart to see every person come Home to the City He’s prepared.Jesus calls us to His co-mission as members of His body. We choose if we will say “Here I am Lord, send me.”  God’s using this church to help 1000s of people!
Why Comissioning?  
Because it’s Jesus vision for His church, but many Christians don’t understand this, so they mistakenly think maturity comes from sitting, listening, or singing songs on Sunday.  We now have our Lifegroup Spiritual Formation path to guide people toward true spiritual maturity in Christ. We want a Mile Marker—like Baptism—to help people see Jesus not only Saves them, He Sends them.  We hope you will be the first wave helping us shape people to be co-missioned with Jesus.  We want people going from Lost to Leading—where eventually everyone knows their mission, co-missioned, growing, mature Body.  Imagine if we had 2000 who were growing and on mission with Jesus as His local church.So we’re asking you to spend 21 days Journaling about these things we’ve discussed today.  Talking over with Jesus, then with your staff member, give us thoughts and feedback. We hope you will be the first to be publicly commissioned—as a way to raise up this value—that Jesus co-missions all Christ Followers to find a Ministry—to use their gifts together to serve as One Body, to Multiply—to lead people to faith and disciple them, and to use their Money to resource His church so we can expand His kingdom.God has you where you are for a reason.  You CAN be faithful to what He’s Sending You to do.  Like Rick said, we often fear that we’re missing it I think because we make it grandiose and complicated, but it starts simple.  Are you Loving the people around you?  Are you loving and discipling people as His church?How do we know our unique purpose?

It always starts with loving and seeking God, then following His lead to love the people closest to us, and then to use the gifts and passions He’s put in us to serve humanity. You don’t need to worry about not fulfilling your purpose, if you seek Him and His will, you will live it. But we can’t forget, it’s all about love. More than anything, God wants us to bring Heaven to earth. And Heaven feels like love.

For this to work, it’s going to take all of us! We need you to help lead the way! I’m convinced, if we’re willing, Jesus will show us how. As leaders of His church, let’s challenge ourselves and every Christ-follower to hold nothing back from Him for His purposes.There’s no amount of surrender, service, sacrifice, giving, loving in the name of Jesus that won’t one day be worth it!
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