God’s Vision and Voice by Erwin McManus

“We are beginning a new era where faith is the fuel that awakens our God-given creativity and we embrace our responsibility to create a world that brings hope, meaning, peace, and compassion to every single human being.” – Erwin McManus #MTN2014 Mosaic


Jesus is having an unexpected conversation with a multitude. These were not the religious people who were trying to be good and trying to do what’s right. These were social outcasts – the homeless, the criminal element, the prostitute. No one is competing with Him for this audience. These were people were told all their lives that they do not matter.

But in this moment, Jesus said these words:

“You are this salt of the earth…. You are the light of the world….”
Matthew 5:1-8

Jesus saw hope in the humanity we have given up on.

No one chooses to bring unhealthy patterns into our relationships on purpose. What we think about ourselves is based on what others have said about us. When we look in the mirror we don’t truly see ourselves. We see what others have told us they see.

Instead, see yourself the way the Creator sees you.

Jesus asks: “Do you see what I see?”

Have you allowed yourself to see yourself the way God sees you?

Jesus looked at a group of outcasts and says: “You are the salt of the earth…. You are the light of the world….”

Salt does what salt does. Light does what light does. We need to do what we were created to do.

Some of you don’t know what you can’t see. You need Jesus in your life because He can see what you cannot see. Even if you don’t believe in God, try something: ask Him to show you what He sees in you today.

In other words, “do you understand your value? Do you understand what you bring to this world?”


What voices do you allow to inform who you are?

Silence the voices inside of you that are eating away at your soul, the voices that diminish the image of God in you.

Creation shouts the glory of God, but God often speaks in a still, small voice.

John 10:1-10
I am the Shepherd, and you are the sheep. My voice gives life. Other voices lie to us about who we are and who we can become.
I am the Gate for you (the sheep) to find freedom.

God brings freedom. Any god that holds you hostage is not God.

How is it that God gives us life in abundance, but so many who follow Jesus seem to be miserable and discouraged? Why aren’t we actual using this promise?

Life from Jesus comes when we hear His voice calling us to become who we really are.

The Word became flesh.

We lost the story that makes us well and human. Jesus came to give us back what the voices have tried to take from us.

Words are powerful! We can use words to communicate. The sounds we call language can express meaning and emotion. We can even give confidence with encouragement. Words can even demoralize us.

Some of us had voices affect us at a really young age, and sometimes they shout. These voices haunt us almost like a prophecy.

The only way to silence those voices is to allow a voice that speaks love and truth become the one replacing those false voices.

Is it possible to be naked and unashamed? Adam and Eve ate freely in the Garden. They knew the voice of God, and He brought them life.

After they ate from the forbidden tree, God asked: “Whose voice have you been listening to?”

God did not bring guilt and shame into our story. We did that.

The woman caught in the act of adultery was brought out in front of a crowd including Jesus. Jesus never saw her nakedness. He saw her shame and told her she was not condemned.

We weren’t created to fake it or hide who we are.

We are free of the expectations of others! Other voices do not matter! The only Voice that matters is the One who created us.

Jesus came to silence all the voices that are crippling, diminishing, and demeaning you.

The Word became flesh among us so that we could hear as clearly as possible: “You matter to me. I love you.”

His voice is inviting us to trust Him and follow Him and experience Life!

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