Conversations on Faith – Retreat

From the Hill Country Institute website:

There are no ordinary people.
You have never talked to a mere mortal.
—C.S. Lewis, “The Weight of Glory”

Every person is a living work of art, a masterpiece uniquely created by the King of the Universe.

But often the masterpiece is hidden beneath layers of hurt, pain and sin, and it’s easy to forget there is a valuable treasure underneath.

Results from a recent study conducted by the Barna Research Organization concluded Christians aren’t doing such a great job of representing Jesus to the world. Christians are often experienced as being hypocritical and judgmental, but rarely as reflections of the love of Jesus. The world has been made aware of what we as Christians hate rather than whom we love and what we are against rather than what we support.

We change the way we live and relate to people to change this perception!


Dr. Eric Bryant, Author of Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing a Diverse World and South Campus Pastor at Gateway Church in Austin

Dr. Darci Hill, Professor of English at Sam Houston State University and Lewis, Tolkein and Herbert Scholar

Dr. Susan Quiring, Business Owner and Instructor on communication, etiquette and social skills

Topics will include:

  • Engaging the people in our spheres with more “Christ-likeness” and less “Pharisee-likeness”
  • Touching the longings of the human heart by using the beauty and power of story to convey Truth
  • Recovering the lost art of conversation
  • Listening—the skill that communicates interest and honor
  • Language—the God-given link between us.
  • How do we converse with the diverse people who cross our paths everyday?



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