The Exchange at Gateway Church

An amazing Exchange takes place in who we are and how we can live life when God’s at the center. In this series, we take a deep dive into the profound transformation God offers us and the practical difference such change makes in our every day life lives.

Here are some resources from this series:

From Death to Life (message notes and audio/video) – Next Steps and Leader’s Guide
(What’s Next If I Want To Follow Jesus?)

From Despair to Hope (message notes and audio/video) – Next Steps and Leader’s Guide

From Lonely to Never Alone (message notes and audio/video) – Next Steps and Leader’s Guide

From Striving to Satisfied (message notes and audio/video) – Next Steps and Leader’s Guide

From Guilty to Blameless (message notes and audio/video) – Next Steps and Leader’s Guide

From Powerless to Empowered (message notes and audio/video) – Next Steps

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