The “Come As You Are” Summit 2015

Join me, John Burke, and Dan Kimball in Austin on February 19th!

From the website:

AsUR Summit – February 19, 2015

A healthy church should always have people exploring faith and people growing and deepening in faith at every service, but how do you effectively communicate to both? Most churches speak to the already convinced and by doing so, insure that’s who attends. But addressing the unconvinced creates other challenges—how do you also teach and deepen believers? This tension is one the church must learn to live in—speaking to those exploring faith and deepening in faith together—or we will never reach the culture around us. Join Dan Kimball, John Burke, and Eric Bryant as we think about how to communicate the Gospel to a mixed audience.


This years topics include…

  • The Genius of the “And” – How to challenge believers and skeptics together
  • Addressing Resistance – Why addressing resistance is the key to life-change
  • Uncrossing Arms – How to use humor, the unexpected, and creativity to uncross the arms of skeptics and get them to consider the message of Christ.
  • Word Art – How we turn a phrase, rethink cliché’s, and redefine Christianeze makes a difference
  • Teach Like Jesus – paint pictures that move the heart and head
  • Think Creative Arc – programming, worship, and creativity can create an emotional arc that keeps people engaged spiritually.
  • Create a Next Steps culture – All that happens in the service must connect to next steps.
  • Preparation – learn from different communicators various methods of preparation
  • Apologetics in a Post-Christian World – what apologetics work effectively in today’s world?
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  • david manafo

    nice to see this happening; if I was close by I’d come; Eric – do you guys connect at all the austin city church?

  • Eric Michael Bryant

    Hello David! We have lots of partnerships with other Austin churches. Do you mean Austin New Church or City Life Church?

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