Life After Birth?

Recently Newsweek published an article called: “Heaven Is Real”

In addition, John Burke has posted a series of articles based on his research on life after death. His newest book Imagine Heaven comes out in 2015.

All of this reminded me about a drama I wrote for our church in Seattle back in 1995.


Twins in utero argue about whether there is life after birth.

One is convinced there are signs all around that there is life after birth, but the other cannot see any proof.

Their debate rages on for nine months until suddenly there’s a great earthquake. The one who believes in life after birth starts going towards the light at the end of the tunnel, but the other one grabs his leg insisting he should stay. He shouted: “Stay away from the light! Don’t go towards the light!”

As I have grown older and I hope wiser, I have realized how far off my perspective has been in the past. When we live with an eternal perspective we can have the courage and the right mindset to do all God calls us to do.

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