7 Reasons I’m Excited to See Exodus: Gods and Kings

After being disappointed by Noah earlier this year (particularly with the Rock Creatures and the overtly Gnostic take on the Scriptures), you’d think I wouldn’t be as excited for Exodus: Gods and Kings as I am.

Ever the optimist, here’s why I am excited to see the new film on Moses:

1. If Hollywood wants to spend $140,000,000 on a story from the Scriptures, I am happy to support them for their efforts.

2. I am easily entertained and love action movies with a spiritual bent.

3. Batman is playing Moses!

4. The director of Gladiator and Prometheus takes on Moses!

5. I do not expect people who do not claim to follow Jesus to make a film as if they did. I expect a secular take on a familiar story. I think people of faith can have a peak into what skeptics think of the Scriptures.

6. Ultimately, if all of the main elements of the story are included, the story of Moses affirms that there is a God who rescues us and capable of doing the miraculous.

7. People are talking about the Bible, and I hope the film will get people interested enough to read the original story including in places that do not have access to the Scriptures.

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