An Interview with Alex McManus

Alex McManus has always challenged my thinking and been a great mentor at times in my ministry. Whether from a distance or while working together at Mosaic in Los Angeles, I have always found Alex insightful and helpful.

If you don’t already know Alex, here’s his bio from his website:

“Alex writes about anticipating and creating the future. Studies the practices and processes of social movements. Coaches social and spiritual entrepreneurs through the International Mentoring Network (IMN) to engage culture and mobilize communities for causes.”

I interviewed Alex about his book Makers of Fire: The Spirituality of Leading From the Future.

Here’s the description:

“As our species matures and reaches out to touch the stars, what do we take and what do we leave behind? In other words, as we turn towards the 22nd century, how can we create the future?

Join author Alex on a journey through a galaxy of ideas. How can we navigate our culture of rapid change? What can Cain, Abraham, and Jesus teach us about leading from the future? Get ready to make fire.”


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