asUR Residency in Austin

Gateway Austin has just started up a new opportunity – a one year residency in Austin for future church planters, campus pastors, and grow pastors.

The asUR Residency is a 360 degree view of leadership in 365 days!

From the website:

AsUR leaders lead in churches of messy, imperfect people rising up out of the culture to become the Body of Christ where everyone can come as they are. We seek to mobilize AsUR leaders to start AsUR churches, campuses, and networks that will take people from lost to leading.

What is the Residency?

The AsUR Leader Residency is an intensive self-funded year long program at Gateway Church in Austin, TX. As a Gateway Resident, you will be given the opportunity to learn first hand from the creator of the AsUR movement John Burke, as well as other senior staff members. You will participate in the day-to-day activities of church staff, and have access to senior-level meetings and networking opportunities. Each resident will spend a year apprenticing to a campus pastor at Gateway, as well as learning through hands-on action and reflection tools such as Cultivate and a teaching lab.


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