Exponential East Bonus Session: Creating the Church Out of the Culture

Creating the Church Out of the Culture

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From the Exponential website:

Bethel Seminary will be hosting a BONUS session at Exponential East this year entitled: Creating a Church Out of the Culture. Led by Eric Bryant from Gateway Church in Austin and Rick Dunn of Gateway Leaders, this session will focus on discovering how to create a church out of the culture by helping a spiritually diverse group of people connect, grow, and serve. Learn more about this bonus session as Eric Bryant shares his thoughts in this brief interview:

What do you hope to accomplish through this bonus session?

As a society, we are becoming more and more post-Christian. Faith is becoming more a part of our past than shaping our future. We believe this creates an incredible opportunity for us to become more effective as missionaries as we create authentic communities where people can belong even before they believe. After years of church planting, campus starting, and reaching and discipling people in places like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Austin, we want to help pastors and church leaders become more effective in taking people from lost to leading.

What are some of the reasons you are excited to host a session on Creating a Church Out of the Culture? 

The leaders I’ve met in the past at Exponential are passionate about Jesus and advancing His Kingdom. Interacting with those who come to this session always make these times together inspiring, challenging, and life-giving!

What are some tensions you have faced in this area?

Our mission fields – whether they are small towns are big cities are filled with people who do not understand the Scriptures or live out the Scriptures. As a result, we live in a world where people do not love their neighbors, make different moral choices than we would like, and may have a bias against our faith. Even still, it is in the midst of these tensions that we can make significant progress.

What are some of the differences in leading this generation and culture from the past? 

The emerging generation has a passion for changing the world and in authenticity that is fantastic! They aren’t afraid to express their doubts or their skepticism with our faith and even with their leaders. This is both refreshing and challenging, but it allows us to forge together a better future.

What can someone expect to takeaway from attending your bonus session?

We will talk about practical ways to create a church out of the culture. We will share immediate applications that can make a real difference. Love. Serve. Influence.

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