Mobilizing for Impact – A Weekend in Your City


Last year I have been able to help mobilize church leaders to love, serve, and influence their cities. From Toronto, Las Vegas, Kansas City, California, and Shanghai among others, I have been amazed at what God is doing among His people across the planet.

Let me know if you would like for me to be a part of your efforts to raise up and mobilize your leaders, connect with your city, or coach your staff.

A few openings remain in 2015!

If you ever have a need for something like this, here are a couple of the weekends I have been leading for churches in the U.S., Toronto, and Shanghai:


Friday Night with Staff
  • “Recruiting and Empowering Leaders”
Saturday with Church Leaders
  • “Come As You Are…”
  • “…But Don’t Stay That Way”
  • “Catalyzing Community”
  • “Loving Unlikeable People”
Sunday with Congregation
  • “Not Like Me – Influencing a Diverse World”


(Based on my e-book A Fruitful Life)
Friday Night with Staff
  • “A Culture of Innovation” OR MBTI and StrengthsFinder
Saturday with Church Leaders 
  • A Fruitful Life – Becoming Receptive
  • A Fruitful Life – Becoming Tenacious
  • A Fruitful Life – Becoming Intentional
  • A Fruitful Life – Becoming Proactive
Sunday with Congregation
  • “Creating a Better Future” OR “Trajectory”

For a glimpse

To hear more of Shanghai at Advance 2014, check out the following messages:

Session 1: Not Like Me

Session 4: Catalyzing Community (GE Service)

Session 5: Loving Unlikeable People (SG Service)

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