Gateway South – A Signed Contract!


 As Gateway South, we have been in such a faith-inspiring and exciting season, AND NOW we are closer than ever to having our own home!

Life24seven is about knowing God intimately and bringing hope to humanity. No matter where we may be – 24 hours a day and 7 days a week – each of us can experience the fullness of life AND bring life to our family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends.

Moving to a new location will enable us to do even more together to serve our city!

Having a 24/7 space will allow us to help children, teenagers, college students, young adults, singles, couples, and families have a place to “come as they are,” live connected, be transformed, and change our world in even greater ways than what we’ve seen over the past 7 years!

  • We believe that God wants to use this space in a powerful way every day of the week! (Psalm 24:1-7)
  • We believe that people near us are waiting to be transformed by God, and that we can be part of helping start another campus in Central Austin and Dripping Springs as well! (Daniel 2:47)
  • We believe that lives even across the globe are waiting for life and freedom to be brought to them through what God is doing among us! (Acts 2:47)
  • We believe that those who once knew God but are now far from Him will return to Him! (Jeremiah 24:7).


For those of you who were not able to attend one of our Vision Nights or missed any of our Life24seven series, be sure to visit to watch the messages, work through the next steps, and find more on our vision for the future!

So what’s next?

  • If Gateway South is your church home, be sure to send in your pledge by this Sunday! Check out the financial details below.
  • Once our future landlord signs as well, we will have 20 days to do our due diligence with inspections and estimates to determine the final costs.
[For those of you who are still just checking things out, let us know how to best serve you! Below are some behind the scenes updates for those who consider Gateway South our church home].

For those of us who consider Gateway South our church home, this is our opportunity to join in this epic adventure!!


These past two Sundays 115 households made financial commitments towards our future!

With 50% of us making a pledge so far, we have $600,000 committed towards our goal of $900,000. 


As a result, we still have about $300,000 to be pledged to meet our goal.

If everyone who considers Gateway South our church home chose to do whatever God puts on our heart, we would easily have the resources to make this move!

Remember: it’s not about equal amounts! It’s about equal sacrifice!

Ready To Join Us?

1. Pray, watch any of the messages you missed in the life24seven series, and work through the Next Steps.

2. Bring your Pledge Card on Sunday (3/15).

  • You can also email your confidential pledge to
    Just let her know the total amount you plan to give per month and if that will be given toward our General Offerings, Life Giving Life South, or Life Giving Life 2012 (for those who have already been giving towards this fund). This could be a one time gift or a recurring gift.
  • You can also mail your pledge card to Gateway Church, Attn: South Campus, 7104 McNeil Drive, Austin, TX 78729.

3. Set up your online giving to match your pledge at

  • Be sure to choose “General Offerings- South Campus” or “Life Giving Life South” or “Life Giving Life 2012.”

4. For those who did make a pledge, keep an eye out for an email from requesting clarity on your pledge.

5. Keep praying for God’s provision, protection, and wisdom as we move forward!


This is our defining moment!

God is at work in us and through us! Lives are being transformed! People are discovering faith and others are growing deeper in their walk with God!

In the midst of that, we are closer than ever to moving to a new location where we can help people connect, grow, and serve our city throughout the week!

If you have any questions, feel free to let me know!

Lets do this together!!




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