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So great being together today at Thrive!

Here are the Message Notes:

Here are more Resources for You and Your Church:

1. If you’d like for me to come and invest in your church, leaders, and/or city, go here:

Mobilizing for Impact: A Weekend in Your City

2. For Leadership at the Next Level

  • The Post-Christian Ministry Certificate
  • Cultivate Church Planting Training
  • The Doctorate of Ministry in Missional Effectiveness
3. For a copy of my first book, go here:

Not Like Me: A Field Guide for Influencing Our Diverse World


I finished a project called A Fruitful Life: Becoming Who You Were Created to Be.

I published the series on a new app called The Snippet App. Snippet is far more interactive than a paperback book and way more than an e-book with videos, images, bonus resources, and other discoverables.

The Message of the Series

According to Jesus, we were created with unlimited potential in the area of spiritual influence. Our fears, weaknesses, past mistakes, regrets, background, and the trials we face do not have to keep us from beingfruitful – being transformed and transforming others in dramatic ways.

A Gift

As a gift, you can download The Overview and the “Becoming Intentional” snippets at no cost!

The rest are at a reduced rate ($.99 each).

A Fruitful Life (An Overview): Becoming Who You Were Created to Be (FREE)

Becoming Receptive – What is God calling you to do? ($.99)

Becoming Tenacious – What trials have you faced? ($.99)

Becoming Intentional – What temptations distract you? (Promo Code: happy2015)

Becoming Proactive – What sacrifices do you need to make? ($.99)

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