Losing Your Life To Find It (Jeff Goins Podcast)

If you don’t know Jeff Goins, you should get to know him. He’s a great writer and thinker, and I have enjoyed learning from him over the years. I was honored to be a part of his recent podcast.

Listen in here:


From the interview and Jeff’s website:

Show highlights

In this episode, Eric and I discuss:

  • What it feels like to find your calling
  • A key element to discovering your life’s work many overlook
  • The historic practice to determine what you were made to do
  • How community plays a significant role in providing clarity
  • The relationship between self-obsession and self-awareness
  • Why pride is hyperbolic when we think of ourselves
  • What viewpoint makes everything look like failure
  • A mindset shift we can practice to create more opportunities
  • Three ways to fail to set yourself up for success
  • Why understanding a need comes first
  • How to build something new while staying faithful to the old
  • The counterintuitive method to finding your dream
  • Which great leaders were willing to work with people who might let them down

Quotes and Takeaways

  • “Our callings aren’t simply answered, but developed through trial and error.”
  • “Self-obsession does not lead to self-awareness.”
  • “We come to some sense of calling through the context of community.”
  • “Everything looks like failure in the middle.” – Rosabeth Moss Kanter
  • “Too often we let circumstances dictate what decisions we make.”
  • Serial starts can rob you of long-term success
  • Volunteer where you want to work and hustle so hard they hire you.
  • It’s okay to find an idea, chase it, and fail.
  • “The reason we are born is to not give up.”
  • “Fail early, fail often, and fail inexpensively.”
  • If you want to get paid to do what you love you have to show the world that you’re worth it.
  • From Erwin McManus:Pride is manifested in two ways:
    1. We think too highly of ourselves (arrogance).
    2. We think too lowly of ourselves (low self-esteem).

    In both cases, we are thinking of ourselves.

  • Serve someone else’s dream until you find yours.


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