Flix: God, Movies, and Life

A new series starts this Sunday at Gateway Church in Austin!

Art imitates life, right?  If it’s true that every movie is an artistic take on a meta-theme of life, then we should be able to locate ourselves in every good movie. (disclaimer: we said “good” movie, so maybe not Sharknado) Well that’s what we’re doing in July! We’re looking at some of the best films of the last year and taking a deeper look at what it has to do with God, life and you. So here’s your excuse to watch movies all weekend!


We’re excited to announce that we will have a special live guest speaker each week of this series so don’t miss it!

July 5th** – Guardians of the Galaxy – Robb and Shaula Overholt

July 12th – Theory of Everything – Lisa O’Brien

July 19th – Boyhood – Ted Beasley

July 26th – Divergent and Insurgent – Rick Shurtz

**Come Early and Don’t be late this Sunday so you won’t miss the LipSync Battle happening at the top of each service!! Robb vs. Phillip!


July 5th – Theory of Everything – Lisa O’Brien

July 12th -Guardians of the Galaxy – Eric Bryant 

July 19th -Divergent and Insurgent – Rick Shurtz 

July 26th – Boyhood – Ted Beasley

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