Flix with Robb and Shaula Overholt

A new series started this past Sunday at Gateway Church in Austin!

Art imitates life, right?  If it’s true that every movie is an artistic take on a meta-theme of life, then we should be able to locate ourselves in every good movie. (disclaimer: we said “good” movie, so maybe not Sharknado) Well that’s what we’re doing in July! We’re looking at some of the best films of the last year and taking a deeper look at what it has to do with God, life and you. So here’s your excuse to watch movies all weekend!

At Gateway South, Shaula and Robb Overholt spoke using Guardians of the Galaxy as their starting point.

Listen to their powerful message here:

The next steps for their message is here: www.gatewaychurch.com/nextsteps

We also made Robb’s book available this past Sunday. Check out The Keys to Change: Create and Orchestrate Your Future.

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