Love Where You Live : The Art Of Neighboring


At Gateway Church in Austin, we began a series called Love Where You Live : The Art Of Neighboring.

We all live somewhere. We all have neighbors, whether you know them or not. Imagine what would happen if thousands upon thousands of us made a decision to intentionally love our neighbors. It starts with a prayer and a “Hello!”.  What communities would be built, what needs would be met, what problems would be solved, what lives would be changed? Our city would be transformed. Gateway is part of an alliance of churches who are planning a citywide initiative to do just that…Love where we live. Join us for this visionary series, and prepare for what God has planned for our city.

This past weekend John Burke spoke at the McNeil campus which you can watch here  and Kenny Green spoke at our South Campus which you can listen below:

You can work on the Next Steps Here!

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