Epic: The Big Picture of the Scriptures

Our next series at Gateway Church in Austin is going to be EPIC!

From the website:

It’s an amazing story into which all of our stories are woven. Book, chapter and verse weave the history of what was, what is and what will be to tell the one story of Hope. The Bible may seem overwhelming, outdated, even irrelevant at times. But when you see it as one epic story in which you are a character and your life a chapter, it takes on new meaning and gives new insight.

Join us August 16 – September 20 as we look at the big picture of scripture and maybe you’ll find your place in God’s story.

To get the most out of this series, we encourage you to join a group if you’re not in one already. We have several open groups, and this is the perfect time to join one.  Every week groups will dig deeper into the Sunday message using the Next Steps as a guide for discussion.

Find a group in your part of town by clicking on the button below, and be sure to look for the groups labeled EPIC.


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